Introduction to KEY VIS Search:

What data can you find here?

Author keywords from the IEEE VIS conference:
- VAST: 2006-2015
- InfoVis: 2004-2015
- Vis: 1990-2013
- SciVis: 2014-2015

What are author keywords?

Authors specify a set of keywords in their research publications.
We collected these author keywords from 2433 full papers published at IEEE VIS between 1990 and 2015.
This yielded 4319 keywords that we cleaned for grammar and consistency.
You can search the final set of 3952 unique keywords on this website.

Search for related keywords?

You can find how often a keyword co-occured with another on a single paper.
Co-occured keywords are, thus, keywords that authors used together with the keyword you searched for.
How often two keywords co-occurred is color-coded in blue.

keywords used together:

You can also find which topic cluster a keyword belongs to!
An topic cluster is a group of authors keywords that belongs together in a category - based on a manual clustering of the 3952 author keywords.
There are 180 topic clusters in the dataset. The green color scale code shows how often a keyword in this cluster appeared in all papers.
You can also browse the entire 180 topic clusters directly!

keywords appeared in papers:

If your search term does not exactly match a specific keyword, we show all keywords that partly included your search term.
The partly matched keywords are shown with a gray background.
Saturation encodes again how often keywords appeared in papers.

keywords appeared in papers:

Search for related work?

Searching for a keyword also gives you a list of all papers this keyword appeared in.